July 3, 2012

WhiteTrashCharms Website

Creative Design, Web Design, & UX Design

Proudly originating from Los Angeles, California, White Trash Charms was founded by fashion stylist Brooke Dulien in 2001. Renown for it’s authentic and light-hearted, tongue and cheek perspective on American Pop Culture, the response was quick and palpabe. Forging irony and luxury came naturally to Dulien. Her passion for music and the visual arts compelled her to create wearable jewelry that was not only beautifully well crafted, but also accessible to those artists with whom she felt not only felt inspired by, but also inspired. . As creative director, she follows her own philosophy, “There are no rules, sometimes you look for inspiration, sometimes it finds you. Just never chase it. It comes on it’s own and don’t be afraid to let it find you, and more importantly, never keep it from the world.”